Saturday, September 22, 2007

First Blog

Have been wanting to blog for a while now.

Did I say a ‘while’? Now that’s an exaggerated understatement (If something like that exists). I have been trying to write a blog (Forget blog. Write something at least) for precisely two years now.

Who (or what) stopped me all this while? Probably laziness or a dispassionate view of things in general.

On second thoughts- perhaps, life was just 'fine'.

Oh My God… ‘fine’ is such a boring thing. A mathematical equivalent of ‘fine’ would be ‘average’ (A figure that evens out the interesting extremes of highs & lows and settles for a comfortable, yet, terribly boring ballpark).

An incident has to be either interesting or disgusting, if you want to 'tell' it to others.

‘Tell’ , may be, is a wrong choice of word. It suggests the willingness of the narrator but disrespects the interest of the listener. Perhaps ‘Share’ might be the right choice, as it reasonably involves the eager speaker and the interested listener.

So, Life was fine. Life was… Wake up…office…lunch…home…dinner (&TV)…Sleep… and life continued.

So what has happened now that has inspired me to suddenly take up the challenge? Is it something good or bad (that happened) which has given me an opportunity to strike a conversation with you? So is my life ‘not fine’ anymore?

Actually it’s quite disappointing to confess that I am still doing fine.

Its just that I have made a conscious effort to find happiness in the most common of the situations… the happy lunches (followed by power naps…yes, very much in office), feel good movies (with happy endings), engaging books and even more engaging conversations.

Indeed, life is not about that one big thing that all of us want to achieve. It’s about thousands of such small bundles of joy that we just let to pass on. Our 'big' ambitions insulate us of these beautiful moments to an extent, that we don’t even realise them to be happening to us.

Hmm...I think, I am lost somewhere in words. I told you I am not good with this writing bit.

Anyways, I have decided to celebrate Life and to make an uninhibited public display of it. So I am going to pour all of it here… good and bad, big and small…everything that happens to me…that I like or dislike.

So keep watching out for this space, if you have liked my story so far… or restrict this site altogether if you are fed up of my bullshit.


Bhav Share said...

Very real with small things well highlighted..

I conclude... ths buddy dont speaks the truth when he says.."I am not good at writing..":))

Anonymous said...

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