Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Goodbye VF

Saturday, May 31st. My last day at Arvind. After finishing all the exit formalities I was left with the last job here- writing a farewell letter to my team. Honestly I am quite bad at these things, so, I decided to take help of the man’s greatest invention- Google. I started my search with the keywords “sample farewell letter”.

While I was trying my best to mix and match couple of search results and come up with an original version- Sambit- who sits next to me caught me red handed. He has this gift of peeping into others monitors on all wrong occasions. Completely unashamed of trespassing into my privacy, his comment was acidic- “kam se kam yeh toh khud likh liya hota. I will mail the source of this letter to the entire team”. There is no point in reasoning with him, I thought. He was looking for a final session of ‘time-pass’ with me.

I started missing my ‘gang’ even before I walked out of the office. That’s when I thought, perhaps, I should bid a more personalised goodbye to my friends. So, here it goes-

These are the people who made my stay worthwhile in this office. Each one of them is an ‘original’ in their own sense and I doubt if I would ever meet such an extraordinarily abnormal mix of people under one roof.

I will miss each one of you-

Sambit- he is born ‘funny’. Like some people have answers for everything- this guy has questions for everything. Youngest member of the team, he provides a comic relief even in the most terrible situations. His discussions with Kamal, Tiwary and Ashok are always animated, pointless but nonetheless absolute fun. Behind all his naivety, he is a very quick learner, a caring boyfriend (Is Anu reading this?) and overall a very interesting human being.

Kamal- A self assumed union leader of the mass brands, he is also the in-house ‘sexologist’- capable of correlating your coffee drinking habits to your sexual performance. He is ‘tej (faster)' than ‘aaj tak’ in bringing us all the office gossip. His ability to come to conclusions without any supporting information can irritate and surprise you at the same time (He concluded that Sambit didn’t have a girlfriend because he doesn’t get phone calls every five minutes. That’s just a sample of how far fetched his logic can be). An action oriented man- ‘abhi (Now)’ is his most commonly used word. Above all this he is an absolutely doting father and undisputed king of sourcing…knits- that is.

Sandip- A true representative of the Bengali clan, he is a man of varied interests (movies, chess, photography, politics, music and literature to name a few). Speaks English with a Bengali accent and even his swear words sound as sweet as 'rosogulla'. Has an opinion on everything under the sun. He loves to disagree with you and needs half an excuse to jump into a debate.

Sutta (smoke)’ sessions with him are always intellectually stimulating. Most of his conversations would have a mention of his previous companies or his beloved wife. More importantly- this guy has not lost that childlike innocence and his passion for life. A no nonsense guy, he is exceptionally street smart and will go places.

Abhilasha- an excellent designer and a complete tomboy. Has a strong streak of adventure in her (scuba diving in Andaman). Has an amazing mind-though she selectively puts it to any constructive use. The most sorted out person in the team- I admire her honesty and frankness. Addicted to word games on the net she has the ability to connect and put you at ease irrespective of whether you are having a meaningful or a needless conversation. Keep spreading that happiness.

Ismail- He has that streak of eccentricity that you always associate with creative people. Seeks perfection in his work and looses temper on the slightest provocation. On many occasions he has stunned me with his ability to work so hard over long periods of time. There is certain rawness in him which is exhilarating. Beware of him if he is in a bad mood. I am sure very soon he would make it to the big league.

Priya: This art of living student is the hardest working amongst the lot and mostly you would spot her staring at complicated excel sheets. One moment she has that teacher like disciplinary look and the other moment she has that motherly effect when you want to pour your heart out to her. Has an air of maturity around her and I admire the grace with which she handled some of the most difficult personal and professional situations. More strength to you.

Guys, they say you should love your work and not the workplace. But because of you all I loved the workplace much more than the work :)

Big thanks to each one of you for making this journey so special. It’s a life lasting friendship that I carry from here.

God bless.


Passionate said...
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Passionate said...

Lovely me this is the best post on your blog...I echo the same words for all of the mentioned people...Wonderfully & truely mentioned characters. You should now know why I wanted to join VF Arvind :)

I know you too will go places. That saprk was/is very much visible.

Guru, for new place, new journey & the new job...All the best..

gurudev prasad said...

Hi Brother,

Thanks much for your wishes. Will catch up with you in Delhi to revive some of the old Bangalore memories.

Till then...rock on.

Suket said...

ha ha ha loved this entry of your blog...! Now Come on about Kamal that should also be mentioned is one of the happiest and sweetest guys of the team. Anyway what's up next Gurudev Prasad where are you headed...!?

Ismail said...

Hey guru

sorry man you know how clumsy i get when site doesn't pop open immediately,so read your blog after 2 weeks.
I always literally worshiped the way you choose words(crisp and humorous)and it refreshed again after reading your observations about all of us.
ofcourse now there is a void,no spice talks no tea and sutta breaks,no more fresh conspiracies and ofcourse lack of Sambit's opinion in them, slowly all of you have vanished and i did not even realized,the only reason i go to that section because there is loo and cant help looking at that cubicle having no traces of you.
It is the best team i ever worked with,clear in opinion,logical in approach and extremely good in respective work.
I hope we catch up often and have a break like we had on 13th floor.

I wish you all the best and success for your new job and hope you have fun there also.

keep writing its always refreshing to read your opinions.


nitin said...

hey Guru ,
wots up .......
left VF ...
ALL the best for your new job ...
keep in touch

Prabhash said...

Brilliant as usual. Although we don't catch up on/with each other so often, but still am I not glad that we continue to be friends and colleagues in our new job.

suzain said...
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