Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day Ma!

(Writing on my behalf of my three year old son, who never runs out of questions. Probably this is what he is thinking on Mother’s day)

Ma, when I woke up this morning, Papa as usual came to me, kissed me morning and asked me to wish you ‘Happy mother’s day”. Mamma I really don’t know what exactly he meant. I know ‘Happy Birthday’ and I am excited for my birthday next month. I already have a plan on what kind of cake I have in mind. Ok, you know I can’t keep secrets with you- I want cake in the shape of a….CAAAR! Now can you at least pretend to be surprised Ma? You didn’t look too happy either when I asked for a car shaped bed or a car shaped room.

Ok, more about that later, but you tell me first what is special about mother’s day? Papa tells me that it’s a special day when we thank mothers for everything they do for us. Now I am totally confused. Other day, when I asked you how did I come into this world, you said that God gifted me to you because you were a good girl. If that is the case, shouldn’t you thank me for being your favorite gift?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t want to say thank you to you. I say it whenever someone makes a kind gesture just like you taught me to do. But with you ma, it’s not like that. We are best friends, right? So there should be no ‘thank you’ between us. Honestly, if I start thanking for everything you do for me, I have to say ‘thank you’ so many times that I don’t even know how to count those many times.

Like the time you teach me rhymes while making all those funny actions, I can’t stop laughing when you act like that. But you know what the best part is- when I repeat those lines after you with those funny actions, I see your face all lit up and a big smile appears on your face, bigger than any car I have in my collection. I love that face of yours ma. I wish you always looked so happy.

Or like the time when we play Eye spies, when you close your eyes to count while I go hiding. Every time you catch me, you look so thrilled Ma. Is finding me really so difficult? Let me tell you a secret, I always hide at the same spot ma. Ha-ha, see you didn’t know that.

Ma, the first time I went up on the slide, or sat on the swing, it was only because I knew you were there to catch me if anything goes wrong. And how can I even forget my first day at school, you were so anxious to leave me alone. Ma, I don’t like it that they don’t allow you to sit with me in the classroom every day. It would be so much fun.

You know what ma? I am a big boy now, like you say. When I fall down while running or playing I don’t usually cry. But if I fall down while you are watching, then I can’t stop crying ma. Because when I look at you I know you are crying inside and when I see you cry, I can’t stop ma.

There are so many things ma, that I love you for. Now, you tell me how I can thank you ever.

Ma, you know how much I love cars and thank you for all the cars that you bought for me. When I grow up one day, I will buy a big car, a real big car which is better than papa’s car and runs much faster than his. The day I will buy, you will be the first one I will take on a ride. You know what that means na? You are the most special person in the world for me, not even papa. Ok, I will also let him sit in my car, but only on the back seat. Because the front seat is always only for you.

Now I don’t want Papa to go on and on about this day. So, just to make him happy- Happy mother’s day ma!


zritiness said...

Great writing! Superb expression from the mind of a three-year old :)

gurudev prasad said...

thanks for writing in :)